Corporate Portraits

CEO and Headshots

I treat leadership and high profile
individuals and especially their time
with the respect they deserve and aim
to raise the image game for companies
no matter how large.

Is your CEO hard to pin down for a PR photoshoot?
Are some of your leadership still using
portraits from a decade ago? Does the portraiture used in your outward facing online and print media not reflect the high values of your company?

Book a call with me below and we can cover;

• What kind of portraits you need

• The scope of the shoot - who and how many individuals

• Ideal dates and when you will need delivery

• I advise on locations and possible costs.

• If the location is your office, logistics of access and space needed.

• If not working with a production company, I can advise on the use of MUAs, studios, lighting and equipment hire.

• Retouching requirements