A Mad Rooftop Vigil For The Power Station

Power Station - Roof Top Vigil

Blowing up bank vans, printing money and living on a roof top in mid winter are but a few of the devices which artists Dan Edelstyn and Hilary Powell have used to pay off a million pounds of pay day debt and and go some way to turning their London street in to a power station.

You may remember an earlier blog when I photographed them printing money for The Bank Job project. Now they have raised over £110,000 pounds to convert their street to solar power and hopefully to become the first carbon neutral street in the country. When Dan told me they were planning to live on the roof in mid winter until the crowd funding reached 100k, I thought they were mad. I still do. Good mad though. Here’s one of their short videos explaining it all. (photo shoot featured there by The Guardian, not I)

I should have re-shot them during the snow fall and the storms but I’m not mad.