Denise Coates CBE. Founder and joint Chief Executive of BET365

I was half way through my oats and banana today when up popped an old sitter on the news. Denise Coates, owner of Bet365, confirmed for the third year running as the country’s highest paid chief executive at £323m. Anyway, here is my humble tale from yesteryear..

 March 2016 According to Forbes, Denise is worth $4 billion and the giant HQ in Stoke looked suitably spangly. As I approached in my taxi I was mentally rubbing my hands with glee at the prospect of making a portrait in a glass palace. We passed the entrance and sailed on around the corner to an industrial estate and a 1980s red bricked, brown windowed monstrosity. I stopped mentally rubbing my hands with glee.
 I was a couple of months early for the new offices but the staff were lovely and helpful. Denise was a painfully shy subject and I was lucky to be anywhere near her with a camera. I am told her demeanour belies a steely determination and an ability to get things done. I felt the same way about that room. 

© Peter Searle
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