Mental Health Awareness Week

The Mindful Sky

 When was the last time you just stopped and looked up? I mean really looked up; stopped deconstructing that report, scanning train times, hailing a taxi or managing an unruly cheese and pickle. Forget the deadline and just gaze up at the peaceful progression of clouds.

The Theme is nature for Mental Health Awareness Week and you don’t need to go far to practise a mindful consideration of nature. I often force myself to forget the “masterpiece” and just look up to see the slow motion drama unfolding in the troposphere.

Pareidolia is the tendency to see pattern or meaning in something random. I personally don’t see so many faces in clouds as I do stories or symbolism - imaginary stories and pointless symbolism as it happens but that doesn’t matter. For a few minutes the hurly-burly of life fades in to the background as that majestic drama serenely unfolds before your very eyes.

Thanks to Craig Prentice, founder of the Mum Recruitment agency for suggesting this to me. You can see what he is doing for Mental Health Awareness Week here and you can have a peek at The Mental Health Foundation here.