Screen International - Stars of Tomorrow 2021

I had to be physically restrained, held back by huge mixed marshal arts colossi. I sooo wanted to press that share button after the shoot a few months back but alas it was forbidden. Fortunately the chaps have been called off now and returned to their cages.

Like previous years it was demanding and exhilarating making 30 plus unique portraits in a few hours at the British Film Institute under Covid restrictions and with cage fighters breathing down my neck. On the plus side, the Stars of “Tomorrow” were preternaturally nice. I use inverted commas because they have already arrived. When I asked one young chap (young to me anyway) if he had had much success, he said, “Not much. Oh I did win a BAFTA if that counts”. Research research research my mum used to say to me. I never listened.

Anyway, here are some of my favourite portraits of these charming people. I hope I’ve done them justice. I hope the portraits will still be around and seen when the sitters are all old and legendary and no snapper will ever enquire if they’ve had any success.

  • For captions, click on thumb and small grey square bottom right.

Sitters; Aaron Pierre, Amir El-Masry, Ann Skelly, Bukky Bakray, Daryl McCormack, Ellora Torchia, 

Jonathan Ayaji, Lola Pedicrew, Sheila Atim, Thalissa Teixeira

See the film about the shoot by the excellent Mark Buchanan here