Screen International Stars of Tomorrow 2022

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Monday didn’t start well. Taxis had ceased to exist, there was a lovely tube strike. It was raining.  My assistant Francesco and I enjoyed missed trains, wet sweaty sprints and kilometre long queues for black cabs and I  was pleasantly surprised by a migraine on arrival. Yet it had started so well two days before when the director Runyaro Mapfumo took a break directing Netflix’s Sex Education in Spain to meet me on the South Bank for our separate shoot. However, inspired by that we rallied and dare I say it, took the day. Twenty four portraits in seven hours. Good luck everyone and see you at the party!

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Sitters; Runyararo Mapfumo, Susanne Slavati, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Prya Kansara, Ambika Mod,

Harry Trevaldwyn, Hazel Doupe, Isis Hainsworth, Rosy McKewen, Siobhan Culle, Yasmin Finney