Screen International - Stars of Tomorrow 2023

I had a plan which I called, The Plan. It was six years in the making.

This year’s Stars of Tomorrow shoot for Screen International was going to go so well, I wouldn’t believe it. I would be suspicious all day, looking over my shoulder for a metaphorical plague of locusts until an early cold beer in a riverside cafe to toast our very last shoot at the BFI.

The art director Peter and I had done seven exhaustive reconnoitres over the years and seven successful shoots with over 200 portraits of sitters, many of whom went on to be big stars. But these things are never straight forward and there are always locusts

I would tell you more about The Plan; the floor plans, the gun emplacements, the dancers but I was told off by a friend (who shall remain nameless) for the length of my last blog. TL;DR apparently. So you will have to imagine the locusts.

Please direct your complaints to Dan and we’ll let the images speak for themselves…..

Later, Peter

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