The Quiet Canyons of Covid

Covid restrictions began to be eased last week so I headed in to the City to see what’s what. The place was riddled with photographers. There were tourists pointing up, amateurs pointing up, trendy street snappers on the hunt for rare humans and pro’s walking briskly through; stern, focused and trying their level best not to look like the others.

I disguised myself as a boring looking late middle aged invisible man. Surprisingly it worked. No-one gave me a glance except high vis sentinels posted outside the ubiquitous nascent sky scrapers who give you the evil eye as you pass.

Despite the Covid tourists like me, it was still a ghost town. Birds chirp in the concrete canyons and the sky is without contrails. A smiling mum passed by me at Bank with her children in a cargo bike and a young woman waited on roller skates at the traffic lights. I wonder how they are going to fill all those shiny new towers.