1. Andy Serkis, Director

    14 Jan 2020
    I had the heads up. The man in security reception at Leavesden Studios (where you have to present your passport, birth certificate and answer some tricky questions about the air speed velocity of Amazon swallows) is a big fan of Andy Serkis (Gollum, Caesar, Planet of The Apes, Star Wars…

  2. Paul Myners, Baron Myners, CBE, former Financial Services Secretary

    08 Jan 2020
    I rather fancied that Eames lounger. And there was a foot stool to go with it. And a view of Albert Bridge. Well, I suppose if one is going to have a view of The Albert Bridge, one may as well have an Eames chair to admire it from.

  3. Denise Coates CBE. Founder and joint Chief Executive of BET365

    18 Dec 2019
    I was half way through my oats and banana today when up popped an old sitter on the news. Denise Coates, owner of Bet365, confirmed for the third year running as the country’s highest paid chief executive at £323m. Anyway, here is my humble tale from yesteryear..
   March 2016 According…

  4. Screen International - Stars of Tomorrow 2019

    22 Nov 2019
    Am I mad? Thirteen group portraits and twenty three single portraits in a day at the British Film Institute. Of course every year I am honoured when the inestimable Mr Gingell, (art director extraordinaire) rings me, “You know why I’m calling don’t you?”  We’ve had this conversation fours times over…

  5. The Bank Job

    20 Mar 2018
    Behind the scenes of The Bank Job project of Dan Edelstyn and Hilary Powell who paid off a million pounds of pay debt by printing and selling limited edition bank notes.  Find out about The Bank Job here  

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