1. Marc Vlessing OBE

    04 Jul 2022
    The Planner - Marc Vlessing OBE. May cover 2022 I had a fascinating cover shoot in Covent Garden recently for The Planner magazine. It was fascinating because the subject, Marc Vlessing, co-founder of Pocket Living was a bit of a Renaissance man with a background in banking, film producing, theatre…

  2. Screen International Stars of Tomorrow 2022

    29 Jun 2022
    Stars of Today Tomorrow Today Monday didn’t start well. Taxis had ceased to exist, there was a lovely tube strike. It was raining.  My assistant Francesco and I enjoyed missed trains, wet sweaty sprints and kilometre long queues for black cabs and I  was pleasantly surprised by a migraine on…

  3. The 15th International Color Awards honors Peter Searle from the UK

    30 Mar 2022
    If I may blow my own trumpet again..I seem to have been honoured for the second year running with a huge heavy bronze digital medal (at least 100kb). I am happy to report that no one was slapped. Also this month the same still life series is a finalist in…

  4. Finalist in The Association of Photographers Award 2022

    25 Mar 2022
    Nice to be a finalist in this year’s award and for the second year running. Surprisingly (again) it is for the Still Life series category. The Award winners will be announced on the 20th April so look out for inactivity on this blog when I don’t even win a banana…

  5. Screen International - Stars of Tomorrow 2021

    07 Oct 2021
    I had to be physically restrained, held back by huge mixed marshal arts colossi. I sooo wanted to press that share button after the shoot a few months back but alas it was forbidden. Fortunately the chaps have been called off now and returned to their cages Like previous years…

  6. Mental Health Awareness Week

    07 May 2021
    The Mindful Sky  When was the last time you just stopped and looked up? I mean really looked up; stopped deconstructing that report, scanning train times, hailing a taxi or managing an unruly cheese and pickle. Forget the deadline and just gaze up at the peaceful progression of clouds. The…

  7. The Quiet Canyons of Covid

    05 Apr 2021
    Covid restrictions began to be eased last week so I headed in to the City to see what’s what. The place was riddled with photographers. There were tourists pointing up, amateurs pointing up, trendy street snappers on the hunt for rare humans and pro’s walking briskly through; stern, focused and…

  8. 14th Annual International Color Awards honours photographer Peter Searle from the UK

    29 Mar 2021
    Nice to get a nod this week! “LOS ANGELES March 27th. Peter Searle of the United Kingdom was presented with the 14th Annual International Color Awards Nominee title in the category of Still Life - Professional at a prestigious Winners & Nominee Photoshow streamed Saturday.”

  9. Andy Serkis, Director

    14 Jan 2020
    I had the heads up. The man in security reception at Leavesden Studios (where you have to present your passport, birth certificate and answer some tricky questions about the air speed velocity of Amazon swallows) is a big fan of Andy Serkis (Gollum, Caesar, Planet of The Apes, Star Wars…

  10. Paul Myners, Baron Myners, CBE, former Financial Services Secretary

    08 Jan 2020
    I rather fancied that Eames lounger. And there was a foot stool to go with it. And a view of Albert Bridge. Well, I suppose if one is going to have a view of The Albert Bridge, one may as well have an Eames chair to admire it from.

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